Energy Plus Homes

Why Build an Energy Plus Home?

Superhomes: Energy Plus Homes are part of the Superhome movement! Advances in building technology mean that we can build homes that perform to standards far higher than the code minimum housing that is predominantly built in New Zealand.

Energy Plus Homes: We are building homes that are extremely energy efficient, economic and quicker to build, have much lower running costs, are more resilient in natural disasters, and are designed to provide high performance quality of living.

Affordable: Our space-efficient designs can be built at a lower cost than traditional timber construction. This results in a significant reduction of mortgage rates. Superior energy efficiency ensures low running costs. Both these factors have a major impact on reduction of monthly out-goings, generating huge financial savings for Energy Plus Home owners.

Fast build at guaranteed price: We provide a complete build package, down to the last detail. We can offer houses that are pre-designed, pre-engineered and pre-consented. Our binding contract ensures that homes are faster to erect than a standard build with a guaranteed cost at a competitive price.

Transparent Finance: Energy Plus Homes is an Ethical Construction Company using a transparent Trust finance system provided through the Safe Kiwi Escrow service. Click here for website.

Expert Advice: Energy Plus Homes works with independent advisers who can offer clients further support relating to insurance and mortgage enquiries.

Timescale: Contact us today, let us know your requirements and we’ll help you start to plan your Energy Plus Home straight away.