Energy Plus Homes

What is an Energy Plus Home?

Energy Plus Homes: We are building homes that are extremely energy efficient, have much lower living costs, are more resilient in natural disasters and are designed to be a pleasure to live in. We can offer affordable, modular homes that are pre-designed, pre-engineered and pre-consented.

Energy efficiency and production: An Energy Plus Home is guaranteed to be energy efficient. Additional design features are capable of generating all the electrical energy needed to run your home plus the capacity to power a plug-in vehicle for local travel; a true Energy Plus Home.

Modern materials: A key component in our designs is the reduction of energy that is required to maintain a healthy and comfortable internal environment. The main construction material of an Energy Plus Home is MagRoc which incorporates leading edge nano-ceramic technology. It’s a new generation of high performance, environmentally friendly, Magnesium Oxide, insulated building panels (SIPS). Click here for website. These panels provide critical airtight construction ensuring that energy introduced into the house remains there for longer periods of time. Airtight construction enables control over the internal temperature whilst adding protection to the building itself. MagRoc is non-toxic, fireproof and waterproof whilst still breathable. The material qualities of these panels eradicate moisture, condensation, mould and the infiltration of insects. Click here for article on moisture management.

Mechanical Ventilation (MHRV): controls the internal environment, maintaining perfect air quality, removing unwanted odours and moisture but keeping a high percentage of heat inside the house.

Electric Heat Pump technology: reduces the amount of energy required to maintain desired cooling, heating and hot-water heating targets. Heat recovery from air in the ventilation system and water in the showers further enhances the energy strategy.

Design: Creative design layouts using light and space allow passive solar to contribute to the heating load with a net gain from efficient window systems.

Energy Plus: Energy generation is achieved via PV solar panels , harvesting the sun’s energy to balance the energy used by the house. An increased panel area can produce a surplus which may be used to power a plug-in vehicle for local travel. Click here for solar information.

Providing healthy solutions:
Our superior building system provides a healthy, hypoallergenic living environment. International research confirms that this is an area of growing concern for allergy and asthma sufferers and for the prevention of respiratory disease. Click here for science media article.

• No moisture or air contaminants can penetrate the walls.
• Condensation is not able to form.
• Allergy inducing mould spores cannot penetrate the walls, or grow without moisture.
• Health issues caused by infestation of insects like dust mites are eradicated.
• Unwanted odours and toxic chemicals brought into the house via furnishings are removed.
• Our homes are ideal for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Energy Plus Homes: A new generation of housing technology, taking care of New Zealand’s future generations.