Energy Plus Homes

About Us

Here at Energy Plus Homes we take a fundamentally different approach to designing and building homes.

We use advanced technologies and new materials to create homes that will perform to standards not seen before in New Zealand. In fact our goal is to ensure that Energy Plus Homes deliver the highest performing houses available anywhere in the world.

We understand that true affordability in housing is not achieved by lowest cost to deliver but by the combination of lowest build cost and lowest ongoing operating costs. Minimising or eliminating energy costs, and clever mortgages where required, are the key.

Don’t all building companies do this? No, because it simply doesn’t enter their consciousness. Most building companies fall into either of two categories. The first are trade qualified builders who know how to build using traditional materials and techniques, but while the quality of their work might be good the houses they are building are little advanced from those built 30 – 40 years ago. The second are large companies run by directors whose responsibilities are to return maximum profits to their shareholders. Neither of these have any interest in innovation or improving standards above the minimum requirements of the NZ Building Code.

Energy Plus Homes is different.

The three directors each have considerable experience in the design, construction and financing of energy efficient homes.

JEFF NORTON, Managing Director, is an Architectural Designer who has been pushing the low energy design message in a personal drive towards environmental sustainability since moving to NZ in the 1990’s. He got into energy efficient design through an electrical background, with expertise in energy auditing, heating and thermal modelling. After much research and building a few houses, each warmer and more efficient than the last, Jeff set up Greentech Design as a consultancy to help design comfortable homes that don’t cost a fortune. He has now taken this a step further with the launch of Energy Plus Homes!
DEAN BUCKERIDGE has been designing energy efficient homes through Dean Buckeridge Architecture since 1993, initially incorporating the benefits of passive solar design, thermal mass and high levels of insulation into contemporary residential and light commercial designs. Dean has experience with a wide variety of construction methods, and since 2011 has been involved as a director and shareholder in MagRoc NZ Ltd introducing and developing the structural insulated panel system of construction used in all Energy Plus Homes. Not only is this panel system energy efficient, MagRoc panels can withstand even the most ferocious of our weather systems and are also hypoallergenic, water and fire resistant. This new technology offers a new way of healthy, comfortable and affordable living in an Energy Plus Home.
CRAIG RICHARDSON shares the energy efficient housing vision, and adds further experience to the Energy Plus team through his involvement and connections in the insurance world, mortgage lending, building demolition and house building project management. Craig has witnessed firsthand the need for New Zealanders to get a better deal, and he is determined to make a difference by offering Energy Plus Homes to all those who are looking for a modern, affordable, superior new home build.

Together the team’s combined skills and experience are shaping a whole new world of possibilities in housing, delivering a new level of previously undreamt of comfort and ease of living.

If we can build you a house that can generate all of its own electricity, should we?
If we can build you a house that will always be comfortable without additional heating, should we?
If we can build you a house that will provide you with the best internal air quality, should we?
If we can build you a house that is more resilient in natural disasters, should we?
If we can build you a house that allows you to pay your mortgage off years faster, should we?

Of course we should. That’s the Energy Plus Homes difference.